Design is the process of collecting ideas, and aesthetically arranging and implementing them, guided by certain principles for a specific purpose. Web design is a similar process of creation, with the intention of presenting the content on electronic web pages, which the end-users can access through the internet via various electronic devices.

Long story short, website design is Planning, Creation and the continuous updating on websites. The website design also involves information architecture, UI (user interface), website core (structure), navigation ergonomics, website layout, colors, contrasts, fonts and imagery in general (photography, icon design etc.).

All of the above mentioned elements form a website when combined. More often than not, design is being perceived as a visual aspect only, which is a big mistake. In reality the whole concept of the design includes more abstract elements such as ergonomics, usability, layout traditions, habitual tendencies of the users, navigation logic and plenty of other things that are there in order to simplify the utilization of the given website and thus creating an opportunity to find the desired information as the User much quicker.


In many occasions the technical aspect of the website design is being emphasized by the definition of design. The modern website building involves server side scripting like asp, CGI and PHP, the websites visual side is being defined by HTML and CSS and the user experience is being enhanced by a dynamic JavaScript or Ajax. When talking to people with less of a technological education background, we tend to focus on the functionalities and to what extent it is possible for us to update a website through content management, while taking in consideration of the features that are visible to users.

We at Mozora are proud to offer you:

Custom Web Design
Responsive Web Design
Landing Page Design
Corporate Web Design
Open Source Web Design
E-Commerce Web Design
Logo Design
Mobile apps UI Design
CMS Themed Design

Those are just a few of the services that we may provide for you, but we always make sure the quality is at the highest level possible and we can accommodate to any clients desire.

Our team had been assembled in such a manner, to be able to provide only the highest quality website design service and maintenance of the same. We are taking challenges from clients residing all over the world. We specialize in designing a classy, extravagant website design, while maintaining the touch of responsiveness and reliability. In effect, creating top-notch business leads.

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