Is your site struggling to rank in major search engines? If yes, then you are at right place. We will deeply audit your site and check why it’s not ranking. The factors of on-page SEO deal with code, visual, and text based aspects. If you want a higher ranking, then let us help you achieve it. We are willing to put in a lot of time to make sure your website ranks high. It is our priority to ensure your website’s on-page SEO gets the best treatment and is maintained properly. We will audit your website deeply on the basis of your keywords and Google guidelines. Then, we will fix the issues and errors from your site.


keywords to be optimized


keywords to be optimized


keywords to be optimized


keywords to be optimized


keywords to be optimized

Keyword research

Analysis of Keywords

Find Keywords High Volume with Low Difficulty

Search Global and Local Volume,

Competition and Relevancy

Website Document
type Analysis

Optimization of Title Tags

Optimization of Meta Description Tags "According to the Page content"

Optimization of Meta Keywords Tags

Header Tags Optimization for all important pages

URL Optimization

Optimization of italics and bold tags

Optimizing HTML Code

Analysis of non-index able attributes

Robots Optimization

Image Analysis and Optimization of Alt and Title tags

Hyperlink Analysis and Optimization

Optimization of internal Navigation /linking structure

Optimization of external Links

Analysis of Broken Links

Page Content Optimization

Website URL Redirection

Cross-browser compatibility

Checking the page size

Optimized HTML Site Map Creation

Optimized XML Site Map Creation for Google

W3c Validation

Website Load Time Checking

Website Speed Check

Anchor Tag Optimization

Check Website Structure

Existing Content Optimization

Robots.txt Optimization

URL Mapping and Rewriting

Canonical Error Check & Fixing

Google Analytics Analysis & Setup

Google Webmaster Tool Setup